Sunday, March 25, 2012

Malachite Gemstone Meaning

Woof Woof as you all know I am back from my world travels and have found some interesting facts about gemstones that I want to continue to share with you! I love Malachite the color is woof...awesome and something about it just pulls me in..lets see why.
Malachite is believed to be a strong protector of children, It is said to protect the wearer from accidents and protects travelers too ah ha thank goodness I had my malachite bead bracelet on!

 Malachite  is also said to aid  in helping a business become successful and help protect against undesirable business associations. It is also  a stone of balance in relationships, I am balancing a few relationships at the moment, you see  there is Erika the blond poodle then Sammi the Ebony Chihuahua, oh and I cant forget Jolene the fluffy Pomeranian..ooh I need some balance!

Back to Malachite meanings I also found out that the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans used malachite for jewelry and ground it to use as eye shadow!! Hmmm maybe I should get some of that eyeshadow for my girls...what do you think?
Check out the malachite wrap bracelet below!

Ciao for now - Love Ringo

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