Monday, March 19, 2012

I Love Pendants in Multiples!!

Woof Woof I cant get enough of these pendants from Turchin
Love and Light Jewelry, "Dig" this my fellow pooches and humans who love jewelry
these pendants can be layered as shown below for the ultimate in chic, forget about
one boring pendant on a chain the NEW thing is this multiple pendants layering!
Woof Howl at the moon I love the half moon here its adorned with edible looking
sapphire it makes me hungry...I think I slobbered....sorry!
Holey Canoley the other pendants shown below are just as fabulous the torch is
fully encrusted with diamonds I heard you can buy it without all the gems as well, much lower
price too, and the coin it symbolizes Love and Light...I LOOOOVE that too.
The hand is a compassion hand and oh boy do I like a little compassion every day!
 Woof I have been told the pendant on this Mother of Pearl Necklace below has garnets in between the Mother of Pearl Beads and that the sword pendant represents cutting though adversities or problems; hubba hubba with that model below carrying me around I wouldn't have many problems to get through she's dreamy, ooooh...oh yeah back to the Necklace I would wear this in a heartbeat the color combo looks Fab with my Strawberry blonde fur!
Love to you all always,

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